Questions make ask in the unknown stages of relationships

Every relationship goes through stages with ups and downs but if both partners can make it through the stages, it the end what you get is love and intimacy. With every new relationship that comes, individuals go through various stages of getting to know each other. So, what are the unknown stages of a relationship that people are so worried about? For most people, the beginning of a new relationship is the most exciting as you don’t know what to expect from the partner. The guessing creates giddiness as nobody is sure what the other person thinks or likes. It is this unknown stage that makes the relationship exciting.

08d2a1814a376e8372e764c7937155e4However, it is also this unknown that makes every relationship scary at first. The unsure or what most all unknown stage is usually filled with questions that remain unanswered. These are questions that are never asked loudly. The more one ponder over the scary questions, the more they freak about the other partner. Some of the things that scare men in the unknown stages of a relationship include the following:

Will she get bored with me?

What if she gets to a point where she gets bored of me or what I tell her? Can I overcome that and get her to like what I tell her again. The more you ponder over this, the more you get scared when with her. You will start wondering what she is thinking of you. Better be yourself and expect anything from her instead of pondering over what you cannot help.

She might think I am going too fast on her or too slow

Do you have to text her every day yet when she becomes yours you might not be texting her the whole day? When is going too strong on her and too slow on her? Most men are never sure if they are doing it too fast or too slow and what the other partner thinks of it. However, if she is okay with that just be yourself and tell her what you think and feel about her.

Is she seeing someone else?

LoveFilter-stagesWell, this is a very common question on men’s mind especially when the relationship is young. This can be a cause of distraction that can make you lose her even before she is yours. Most men keep wondering when they will hit the exclusive point and know all about her other relations. Instead of focusing on this, try to be nice to her and show her the good part of your life. Even if she is seeing someone, this will be a good time for her to make that choice and be yours. Probably the other guy on the other side is also asking the same questions.

Did I do something to make her not like me?

It is common for every man to doubt his actions. Ladies are very keen people and will always notice small things that men are less likely to notice. Don’t put your effort in trying to realize what you did wrong. It is possible for one statement from you to make her change her mind about you so be sure of what you are speaking and stand for as these early stages can tell a lot about you.

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