What are the safest condoms to use

Condoms come in varieties and men are always looking for the safest condoms to use especially those involved with the adult entertainment industry. Which is the safest condom to use? Well, male condoms made from latex, polyurethane and polyisoprene are among the best in preventing the contraction of STDs. Condoms are great in the prevention of various STDs and are highly recommended especially if engaging in sex with more than one partner. Some of the diseases that condoms easily prevent their transmission include:

  • Syphilis
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea

condom-coupleThese severe sexually transmitted diseases can easily be controlled by using some of the safest condos on earth. Other sexually transmitted diseases like Herpes simplex and genital warts that spread through skin to skin contact cannot be prevented by condoms. His means if certain areas around the genital regions are affected, the condoms might not be able to prevent transmission.

Are female condoms safe?

Well, female condoms are safe when you compare them to having sex without a condom. It is safe to engage in sex using a female condom instead of engaging in sex without any protection at all. With that said, male condoms are the safest and ideal for partners looking to engage in sex. Female condoms have been found to provide some STI infections, but more research is needed before doctors can come with conclusive evidence of their effectiveness. Until that evidence comes out, male condoms are the best and safest condoms to use. The female condoms are not as effective as the male condoms in blocking the transmission of diseases as the male condoms.

What are the safest male condoms made of?

Over 80% of the condoms, you will find in any store are usually made of latex or polyurethane. These are the safest materials for making condoms protect against STDs. It is worth noting there are condoms made to protect against pregnancy while other protect against pregnancy and diseases. The safest condoms to use when having sex with more than one partner are condoms made of latex or polyurethane which prevent the entry any particles or viruses coming through no matter the size. Condoms made from lambskin or other natural materials are only ideal for preventing cases of pregnancies and not diseases. The materials used to make this type of condoms are porous and can easily allow disease viruses to pass through leading to infections in the healthy partner.

26169003091_fbfb44bb1a_kIf you have an allergy about using a latex condom, it is important to avoid having sex with multiple partners, or else you increase your chances of getting infected with an STI. The safety of condoms is more to do with the materials used to make them rather the brand. All condom brands go through a process of standardization where the government health agencies try to ensure the condoms are made to standards and are safe for use. Some of the best brands in the market to check out in case you need a latex condom include;

  • Durex Extra Sensitive
  • Trojan ENZ
  • LifeStyles SKYN
  • Trojan Her Pleasure
  • FC2 Female Condoms

Well, there you go when it comes to choosing the safest condom. Remain safe and never say you were never told.

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