Six months ago, I submitted an article to xoJane detailing my experience getting a rape kit after being roofied. When they asked to publish it a month ago, The editor, Emily, requested that I include information about how I was doing now.

I cried for a week after receiving that email. Every time I sat down to write that I was okay, that I’d moved on and let it go, the words would die at my fingertips. Eventually, I found myself typing to outpace my tears, for once telling the truth about everything I was feeling.

Already, this has helped tremendously–honesty is more healing than I ever expected. Thank you to everyone who has reached out, shown support, and shared their stories.

I chronicled the weeks after the rape on a tumblr called Please don’t hesitate to share your stories as well, via tumblr or any other medium. This happened. We are not alone.