Why Assholes Always Win, and Nice Guys Always lose

A hell of a title, right? I grew up wondering this for so long, debating in my head over and over about it. How could social interaction be so unfair? I was a really nice guy, lots of girls would like me and I would never treat them like the other assholes that I always heard about.

If these kinds of thoughts go through your mind, or have in the past, don’t feel bad. Just realize that they are only slightly skewed. The reality of the situation is that girls don’t dislike nice guys, but they hate PUSSIES. The term “nice guy” is usually used as a euphemism for an extremely timid, weak dude.

Girl’s don’t necessarily love assholes, but they do have to put up some kind of shield to all the weakness thats going around. They want a MAN. A man that can really stand up, get through anything, say what’s on his mind and not give a shit what anyone else thinks (and that can sometimes come across as being an asshole). It’s not that they love assholes, but they do like guys who have ultimate confidence and do what they want when they want. It’s like a breath of fresh air, a shock from the mundane social interactions that they have with 90% of guys.

So now that we’ve covered the distinction, what can you do about it? Accepting the distinction is half the battle. Now what you can do is apply this idea in every social interaction and train yourself to be more confident. You don’t have to put everyone down, act like a jerk, but if something sucks or some girl is a bitch, you can tell her, all in a ‘I don’t give a fuck’ manner. You must do this carefully–you can’t actually be hurt by it, you must genuinely not care. If you can pull off this attitude, you have immediately became more confident–and attractive. Work on this, and you will start to see results. Be careful at first since this will be a new attitude for you, but I promise over time this will increase your attractiveness 7 fold.

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